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     What Can A Professional Web Content Provider Do For You?




























A content provider knows how to create text and images that attract visitors to your website, and keep them there. A provider also ensures your content will boost Search Engine Optimization, so your website enjoys higher placement on search pages like Google and Yahoo. A provider will drive web traffic toward a "call to action", like purchasing a product, or filling out a form. They'll also ensure your web content is: 



                 1.  Scannable                                                             7.  Visually appealing

                 2.  Sharable                                                                8.  Credible

                 3.  Findable                                                                 9.  Simple

                 4.  Interesting                                                             10. Consistent in voice

                 5.  Accurate                                                               11. Uniquely informative

                 6.  Relavent                                                                12. Persuasive





           Images: Why you MUST have original photography



Nothing grabs your visitor's attention like website images. Along with your page heading, images are your website's most important feature. Stock photos work like wallpaper, filling space, but never really seen, while original photography has the unique ability to move, inspire, touch, persuade, and remain lodged in your visitor's memory, long after they leave.


After all, if a picture says a thousand words, why not say them loudly? Announce your website's quality, and differentiate yourself with original, professional images created to suit your website's unique needs.




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                                 Five Tips For Strong Website Images




    1. A bad photo (poor exposure, resolution, focus, composition, etc.) may be worse for your website than no photo at   

        all. Don't pour time, energy, and hard-earned dollars into your website, only to undermine it with inferior images.


    2. Bio photos are a must. Even large corporations are instantly humanized when visitors can see you. Show us your

        face, and we see a business we can relate to and trust. And team photos take it to the next level, proving you can

        work with people.


    3. Vivid, colorful images with simple compositions work better online than busy ones.


    4. While creating your images, have a goal in mind. Know what your images should say, before you snap the shutter,

        rather than searching through hordes of images to find the closest match.


    5. And of course, replace stock photos with original photos wherever possible. The opportunity to make a statement

        with quality images is just too big to pass off.















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Manarola, Italy

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La Fortuna River, Costa Rica

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