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         Photography Services

     Portraits, Weddings, Websites, and More

Vivid. Unique. Creative.


Bring flair to your next photoshoot. Distinguish yourself with vivid, creative images that reach your viewer in new ways. From corporate websites to fine-art portraiture, the one constant is quality. I guarantee a level of professional excellence and creativity you’re sure to enjoy. Explore below to get a sense of my various styles.

                 Conceptual Photography
                         Snapshots from the dreamworld

This style of portraiture is like a highly directed art project, and by far the most fun. It's dreaming on film, together. Each shoot is always filled with surprises and wonder, as there's no way to predict exactly what will open up, or what new directions we'll explore in the moment.


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                       Family Photography
                       Something different, something new



Consider transforming your next portrait session into fine art that provokes inquiry, speaks to your unique tastes, and differentiates you and your family.


Couples, children, families, and even individual headshots. We can keep it simple, or get creative- I love discovering the wonder that is you, the subject, and expressing your uniqueness through images.

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                Commercial Photography
                   Websites, brochures, posters, and more

Whether it's a website, a corportate ad, a gallery of bio photos, or an album cover, my photography is adaptable and able to suit your many needs. Indoors, outdoors, underground and on rooftops, we can do it all.


Learn more about website photography, and web content.


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    Wedding and Engagement Photography

When it comes to weddings and engagements, my style is crisp and colorful, combining free-style shooting with creative poses and group shots. You’ll find I’m everywhere at once, but never in your way, always mindful of your expectations for the day.


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             Interior Design Photography

From bold colors to moody shadows, I use a special technique called HDR to ensure your interiors jump off the page, and grab your viewer's attention.


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